VCM laminated board

The thermal lamination sheet refers to a color laminated steel sheet in which a composite film of PET+PVC or PVC or a single layer of PET is laminated on the surface of the steel sheet. The thermal coated sheet has good strength and processing properties of the metal material, and also has excellent decorative properties, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, and pollution resistance of the polymer film.

Metal texture

Natural texture

Refrigerator door panel, washing machine panel, air conditioning panel, water heater housing, microwave oven panel, disinfection cabinet, TV front frame and back panel, etc.; metal ceiling, furniture, wine cabinet, cabinet, fire door panel, sliding door panel, purification system Decoration fields such as walls and elevators; transportation equipment such as automobiles, ship interiors and aviation.

Service Guidelines

"To the exclusive to the quality of the letter" is the brand concept of the gorgeous plate, the products produced by our company have passed the sampling inspection of international and domestic well-known testing institutions, established the ISO9001 quality management assurance system and ISO10012.1 measurement management system, and passed the ISO14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, the products have been awarded the title of Guangdong Famous Brand Product continuously. The company has continuously improved the product quality and provided better products for customers with the marketing concept of “Integrity Cooperation, Passing the Happy and Value”. .

Service commitment

Huamei Plate Co., Ltd. provides high-quality home electro-galvanized sheet, home appliance color-coated sheet and excellent technical service as its goal, and is responsible for the after-sales service with responsibility and achievements. It is a reliable partner for customers, creating a brand and establishing a corporate image. Based on the spirit of "all pursuit of high quality and customer satisfaction", we solemnly promise you the principle of "the most reliable product quality, the most considerate service and the most favorable price":

  • Respond to the customer's actual needs with the fastest speed and the highest efficiency; deeply involved in the customer's product design, providing intimate technical support services.
  • After receiving a written or telephone objection from the customer, our company made an initial response within 24 hours. On-site after-sales service guarantee within 48 hours, strive to give customers a clear reply within 72 hours.

Ordering Requirements

When ordering, users should provide: product name (steel plate or steel strip), grade, surface treatment method, surface quality grade, weight, packaging method, etc. Please confirm or verify the molding requirements when using the product grade and surface treatment method. , stamping requirements, anti-corrosion requirements, to prevent product performance corresponding to the brand and surface treatment methods do not meet the processing requirements.

Usage requirements

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