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“Reducing cost and efficiency, lean production” – the 6S special improvement work of Welmetal Steel Sheet officially opened

2019.08.27 09:30

Reducing cost and increasing efficiency and lean production” is an important work goal for the production and development of  Welmetal Steel Sheet 

in 2019. In May 2019, through the combing of the special work of  Welmetal Steel Sheet , 6S improvement work became one of the key 

work of production improvement.

    On May 22, Sun Xue, manager of the risk management department of the Group's president's office, empowered the leadership of the production department. 

On May 29, the 6S training and the “Visualization Standards”, “3S Learning Management Manual” and “VIP channel” were officially opened. After the training, 

such as the “Building Plan”, Mr. Sun led the company’s leadership team and the first-line team leader to guide each line and each point one by one. The leaders and 

responsible persons of each production line recorded the rectification matters in detail.

    After the training, Huang Qiang, deputy general manager of  Welmetal Steel Sheet, put forward clear requirements for the rectification standard of the production

line: under the premise of ensuring safety, the 6S rectification was promoted neatly and orderly, and the office of cutting line, warehousing and 

production department was fully implemented. 6S rectification work, the other production lines first to do 3S rectification, 

and require lean engineers to guide and assist.

    For specific work, Yin Guojun, deputy manager of the production department, made clear requirements for the rectification tasks and progress 

of each production line: safety first, training first. All frontline staff are required to pay attention to safety and efficiency at all times. Time points and 

responsible persons are set for each point of each line to ensure the stable implementation of 6S work. The preparatory work for the 6S

 rectification was handed over to the Assistant Manager of the Production Department, Zeng Shunlin, responsible for

 statistics, arrangement, and special procurement.

    In the June implementation period of the hot sun, under the leadership of the leaders and team leaders of each production line, the 6S work was

 in full swing. Huang and Mr. Yin went to the production line from time to time to check the 6S rectification work. 6S work has improved significantly.

    Pickling uses the downtime to thoroughly clean and clean the columns on the side of the pickling line and the rails on both sides of the crane. The 

spare parts and equipment personnel under the column are sorted.

Front and rear column cleaning before and after comparison

Fitter class wash basin improved before and after comparison

Wall renovation before and after improvement

Before and after the ground cleaning of the shear line repair area


  Before and after the cleaning of the benches

     Through the Group's support for the 6S special improvement work, the production department is convinced that we will continue

 to improve and continue to innovate, we will fight to the end, and we have the determination to win.

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