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Concentrate on cohesion, synergy to win-win , change and innovation, improve quality and increase efficiency - the launching ceremony of the special plate project of Welmetal Steel Sheet was successfully held

2019.08.27 11:04

  On May 31st, the launching ceremony of the special board project of Welmetal Steel Sheet was held in the training room on the first floor. 

The meeting was hosted by Yang Lei, the board management department of Welmetal Steel Sheet, and Huang Qiang and Fu Qiang of 

Welmetal Steel Sheet, members of the project team, functional staff, and group project counseling experts. Yin Rongrong, Ma Pengbo, 

Sun Xue, He Haibin, a total of more than 90 people participated.

    The conference aimed to create a working atmosphere of “customer orientation, goal traction, and coordinated operations”

 through centralized lectures on 23 special programs, and encourage all employees to participate in special promotion, improve communication

 efficiency, and stimulate organizational vitality.

    The special start-up will be started by the group's human resources center, corporate culture and brand center general manager Shi Wei.

 "It is not the unity that defeats Master Kong,but the US group. In this era, you will lose you, and you will not call you." 

Through vivid examples, Shi always encourages everyone to be brave in innovation, embrace change, and actively 

participate in the promotion of various special projects.

   Subsequently, the project leaders gave a comprehensive presentation on the “targets, time nodes, milestones, acceptance 

criteria” of 23 special projects, and clarified the direction of future work.

After the end of each special lecture, the project leader convened a group member to make an impassioned oath, expressing the 

determination to work together and achieve the goal.

After the special oaths, the group leaders commented on the special plan, and encouraged everyone to successfully complete the project objectives, and 

solve the current difficult problems of the plate by special projects and strengthen cross-departmental collaboration.。

After all the project presentations were completed, Yin Rongrong, director of the Group Enterprise Management Center, delivered a speech. Yin added: 

"After having a detailed plan and a determination to have a goal, the key is to implement meticulously. I hope that everyone will achieve this goal. 

The enthusiasm of the implementation."

 Finally, Miss Qiu, the assistant general manager of Welmetal Steel Sheet, once again encouraged each special group to

 “make a goal” and summed up the meeting: accelerate the pace of comprehensively promoting quality growth, focus on the customer, and create 

an atmosphere full of innovation, freedom and vitality. Long-term adherence to the management policy. I hope that through this special project 

kick-off meeting, we will promote the culture of collaborative operations, innovation and innovation, and hope that more plate colleagues 

will participate in the special promotion, work together, improve quality and efficiency, and strive to achieve the performance 

goals of the gorgeous plate. To promote the plate industry to a higher level.

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