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“Spirited by the Sun, Concentric and Healthy”, the high-level management team development training camp of the WELMETAL STEEL SHEET ended successfully.

2019.08.27 10:36

    On May 11th, the high-level management team development training camp of Huamei Plate called “Senior to the Sun, 

Concentric Health”was successfully completed. A total of 24 senior managers from WELMETAL STEEL SHEET attended the training.

       At 15:30 on May 10, all the staff arrived at Dapeng Ancient Town. After a short break, the first challenge “Warrior Journey” was started. 

The task required to find four places according to the pictures. All the members took pictures and shared in the wechat 

moments. The teams worked together to find the places, and earned a “cash” reward by hardworking.

       Then the second challenge "Monsters crossing the river" was beginning. All the students had to go through a rope with a width of 6 meters. 

There should be only four legs and eight hands in the middle of the two ropes. The two teams began to find a way "crossing the river". 

They ultimately finished the challenge. Members learned to make things more efficient and more effective. At the same time, they should clearly 

target, be brave to try, shouldn't be afraid to make mistakes or easily deny others.

      Then the third item “Blind Man” was starting. The members brought eye masks. The coaches took the colored boards and gave them to the 

members. The menbers would tell the number and color of the same plates according to each person's description. Everyone actively describes 

the shape of the colored board in his hand, and also guesses the color of the colored board. In the end, they all finished it, after a long time though. 

The members reflected on how to improve efficiency is a problem often encountered in the work. Listening to the opinions of others in a team, 

and then asking questions and expressions, can solve the problem smoothly.

       As night falls, the seaside barbecue, everyone feels the warmth of the team.With the slowly breeze and feeling a moment of relaxation, 

everyone's heart was closer.

The challenge of the next day was even more daunting. The first challenge was the “dream space”. All members made the card sequence 

completed within a valid time by description. In the end, the final task was not successfully completed. In the summary, it was found that 

“dream space” is similar to “blind person”, and in this project, most people only pay attention to themselves instead of system thinking. 

Communicating and information sharing is equally important.

     With the experience of “Dream Space”, the next challenge was to build the “Warrior Warship”. According to the request 

of the coach, the teams divided of the propaganda group, the design team, the construction team, and began to build the warship. The warship 

was successfully completed, and everyone began to share their experiences.Each team is not isolated in the work.The tearms 

must be linked to others. The managers must also clearly define their goals, do a good job in command, and face the 

market at the same time. Be clear of your strengths and weaknesses to make a better product.

      At the last project "Warrior's Experience", everyone shared experience of two days learning. "Efficient, united, and pleasant" 

was the goal pursued by the team. Everyone wants to do things, but if you wants to "make things happen",requires systematic thinking, 

communication.Then the team “concentric” will go further.

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