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“Welmetal Elementary School, returning to 8 years old” – Welmetal plate 1-2 month birthday celebration was successfully held

2019.07.04 21:20

 In order to create an efficient, united and pleasant organizational atmosphere, enrich the spiritual and cultural life of employees, and enhance the sense of belonging and collective honor. On April 18th, the Administrative Human Resources Department and the Enterprise Management Department jointly held a birthday celebration of the gorgeous plate employees with the theme of "Gorgeous Elementary School, returning to 8 years old".

This birthday celebration will celebrate the birthday of all employees from January 1st to February 29th, with a total of 72 participants.

      Childhood memories are the most beautiful and most memorable. In order to arouse childhood memories, this birthday celebration will be set on the first day of elementary school. What did the "classmates" who just stepped into the primary school did on the first day? First of all, the "teachers" wore red scarves for everyone. At the same time, after the "principal" gave a welcome speech, they began a "course" of the day, which was divided into music lessons, Chinese lessons, and physical education classes. At the same time, they were divided into 8 groups.

      In the music class, the "teacher" led everyone to learn the "Songs of School", began the first game, children's songs Solitaire, a song song evokes a happy childhood.

      In the language class, the clips read and compete, each group of "classmates" work together to read the respective readings. Raised other "classmates" bursts of laughter.

      The last lesson was the most anticipated physical education class for the "classmates". In the class, a skipping competition was held. Each group of 5 people skipped the rope together. Each group selected the "jianner" to complete the competition.

      One day of the "course" is over, "teachers" also gave birthday gifts to each "classmate", I wish you a happy birthday, and finally, the birthday stars went to enjoy the food, the event was painted A full period.

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