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Youth is at the time, the dream is going on - Welmetal sheet 2019 spring campus recruitment fair ended successfully

2019.07.04 21:19

In order to meet the company's talent needs, improve the overall quality of the company's personnel, and optimize the enterprise talent team, from April 14 to April 17, Welmetal sheet 2019 spring campus recruitment fair was officially launched.

      This campus recruiting conference selects 2 colleges and universities, namely Changsha Hunan Business School and Zhuzhou Hunan University of Technology, Zhang Fuzhao, deputy manager of Learning and Development Department of Administrative Human Resources Department, and Lu Mei, Deputy Manager of Administrative Human Resources Department Organize recruitment work. The two colleges were held in the form of a presentation and a double-selection meeting, which attracted 52 students from 6 schools to participate in the recruitment.

      Manager Zhang introduced the corporate culture, development strategy and talent management policy in the middle, and then each student asked questions about the problem. After a series of screenings, eight fresh graduates highly recognized the company's culture and development strategy, and at the same time met the potential development potential of the future, and were finally admitted. Eight new graduates will also be included in the flight training program. It is believed that through the development of the flight project, more talents will be poured in, and the talent team of Welmetal sheet will be more solid.

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